Abbott Auctions Signs Up With Auction Techs

Abbott Auctions Signs Up With Auction Techs

Three Bridges, NJ - July 13, 2023


Abbott Auctions has signed up with Auction Techs to introduce Abbotts Live to it's bidders. They have decided to offer their own bidding system to further set them apart from their competitors. Abbott Auctions understands the importance of having transparent bidding and an easy to use online bidding platform. Abbott Auctions will be utilizing their own platform at their monthly gun auctions. Their first auction will take place on July 17, 2023.


About Abbott Auctions


Abbotts Auctions has operated gun auctions for 18 plus years and have been a FFL dealer for about 10 years. They put every gun auction online which allows out of state buyers to view the guns for sale and leave bids. They bring in large crowds of interested buyers from Ohio as well as the surrounding states.


Selling guns and/or sporting related items at auction is one of the best ways. They have the lowest commission rate in the area. Gun auctions are usually held the last Saturday of each month from September to May.


About Auction Techs


Auction Techs is reinventing the online auction landscape with the service and support from a team of people you have trusted for over 25 years. Auction Techs has assembled a team of pioneers from the Marketplaces and Software Industry to provide auctioneers with cutting-edge and patented technology on the market.


We are disrupting the auction industry by giving back control to the auctioneer and allowing them less reliance on the Marketplaces. We understand the need for auctioneers to own their own data, have their own bidder base and have full control of how they operate their auctions.


We have incorporated all the software needs required by an auction company into one system. We are a single source provider offering website design, auction software, auction management software, ecommerce, mobile apps, social media, email marketing, text message and voicemail marketing all under one system. Auctioneers and their staff have one Auctioneer Dashboard to access to control and manage their day to day task. We have created a cost effective solution to simplify the technology needs of an auction company.


We strive to provide cutting edge technology, superb customer service and support that is absent in the auction technology industry. Auction Techs bidder and data policy has proven to be a strong attraction to auctioneers along with its Code of Ethics not to compete with auctioneers. Auction Techs is altering the way auctioneers utilize technology to run their auction business by providing an all in one solution for their auction and marketing needs.


For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us at


Auction Techs mission is to give back control to the auctioneer and ease the work load for its staff and we stand by our stated Code of Ethics not to compete with our clients.