About us

In the fast-paced world of auctions, standing out is essential. That's why auctioneers across the industry choose Auction Techs, the premier white label software provider. At Auction Techs, we don't just license software. We consult and advise auctioneers on the best practices for creating their own branded auction solutions. Our management team is the most experienced in the business, pioneers in webcast auctions, and dedicated to helping you succeed. With Auction Techs, you'll have all your software needs in one easy-to-use platform. At Auction Techs, our mission is to empower auctioneers, helping them take control of their business and gather critical data for success. Take your auction business to the next level with Auction Techs.

Founder and Chairman

Larry Garafola is a trailblazing entrepreneur, renowned for his pioneering contributions to the auction industry.

Larry's journey in the auction industry began as an international buyer at auctions for his own construction company. Upon returning from an auction overseas he decided there had to be a way to purchase at auctions without being onsite. This triggered the birth of Equipmentfacts, the first-ever online marketplace dedicated to equipment and truck auctions. As the Founder and CEO of Equipmentfacts, he recognized the immense potential of leveraging technology to transform the auction experience. Under his visionary leadership, Equipmentfacts quickly gained prominence as the go-to platform for industry professionals, connecting buyers and sellers in an efficient, user-friendly, and transparent manner.

Driven by his passion for innovation and his desire to push the boundaries of what was possible, Larry ventured into new territory by founding Auction Techs. Leveraging his deep industry expertise and a keen understanding of market needs, he spearheaded the development of white label auction software that empowers auctioneers to create their own customized auction platforms. Today, Auction Techs stands at the forefront of the industry, offering cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline the auction process and empower businesses to take control of their auctions.

Larry's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his commitment to excellence, has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and industry influencer. His forward-thinking ideas and strategic insights have shaped the evolution of the auction industry, propelling it into the digital era.

Management Team

The Management Team here at Auction Techs consists of seasoned auction professionals and technology experts who are the driving force behind our success. Each member has been extensively trained in the auction industry and is capable, dependable and dedicated to ensuring the success of our clients.