Five Leading Auction Companies Join Forces with Auction Techs

Five Leading Auction Companies Join Forces with Auction Techs


Three Bridges, NJ - October 22, 2023


In a strategic move set to reshape the landscape of the auction industry, five prominent auction companies have officially partnered with Auction Techs, a cutting-edge auction technology provider. The collaboration brings together the expertise, reputation, and resources of these key players to drive innovation and efficiency in the auction market.


The five pioneering auction companies that have entered into this game-changing partnership are:


Bryan Auctions of Oelwein, IA

Auction John of Westlake, OH

Zimmerman Auction Company of Elma, IA

Global Bids of Newark, NJ

Goodrich Auction Service of Newark Valley, NY


This alliance is poised to deliver unparalleled benefits to both sellers and buyers in the auction world. Auction Techs, renowned for its innovative software solutions, will provide a powerful tech infrastructure that enhances the overall auction experience. The technology will encompass streamlined online bidding processes, robust inventory management systems, and data-driven analytics that empower auction companies to make informed decisions.


Spokespersons from the participating auction companies and Auction Techs have expressed their enthusiasm for this transformative partnership. Together, they aim to leverage technology and innovation to create a brighter future for the auction industry.


Larry Garafola, Founder of Auction Techs, stated, "We are thrilled to be partnering with these outstanding auction companies. Together, we can revolutionize the auction industry by harnessing the power of technology, making it more accessible, transparent, and efficient for everyone involved."


The auction industry is poised for a digital transformation, and the union of these five esteemed auction companies with Auction Techs is a testament to their commitment to lead this transformation. Stay tuned for exciting developments in the world of auctions as they continue to innovate and redefine the way we buy and sell unique items.


About Auction Techs


Auction Techs is reinventing the online auction landscape with the service and support from a team of people you have trusted for over 25 years. Auction Techs has assembled a team of pioneers from the Marketplaces and Software Industry to provide auctioneers with cutting-edge and patented technology on the market.


We are disrupting the auction industry by giving back control to the auctioneer and allowing them less reliance on the Marketplaces. We understand the need for auctioneers to own their own data, have their own bidder base and have full control of how they operate their auctions.


We have incorporated all the software needs required by an auction company into one system. We are a single source provider offering website design, auction software, auction management software, ecommerce, mobile apps, social media, email marketing, text message and voicemail marketing all under one system. Auctioneers and their staff have one Auctioneer Dashboard to access to control and manage their day to day task. We have created a cost effective solution to simplify the technology needs of an auction company.


We strive to provide cutting edge technology, superb customer service and support that is absent in the auction technology industry. Auction Techs bidder and data policy has proven to be a strong attraction to auctioneers along with its Code of Ethics not to compete with auctioneers. Auction Techs is altering the way auctioneers utilize technology to run their auction business by providing an all in one solution for their auction and marketing needs.


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Auction Techs mission is to give back control to the auctioneer and ease the work load for its staff and we stand by our stated Code of Ethics not to compete with our clients.